Tragedy happens every day.  It happens on an individual level.  Someone is diagnosed with a terminal cancer and has no insurance coverage.  It happens on a community level.  A family's home is burned to the ground and though there is no loss of human life, their pets and their belongings are gone.  And it happens on a national level.  A terror attack kills thousands of innocent people and paralyzes a country.

Yet, through all of these scenarios, what stands out is the resilience of the human 'life force.' Patients deal with their diagnosis, and their friends and family kick in to host fundraisers, pay for care, and support the patient throughout their journey. Communities come together to provide clothing, food and shelter for the family and raise money for new accommodations.  And finally, a country unites around the tragedy sending messages of strength and courage and love to the outside world.

It is the life force.  The energy every day that comes from people overcoming bad things.  The courage to battle back.  The love to give someone who has so little.  And the hope to express when all looks grim.

Every day in healthcare I see this life force.  It encourages me. It strengthens my resolve that what we do DOES matter to patients.  That no matter what, on an individual level, person to person, it DOES matter that we care, that we are empathetic, that we do the right thing to resolve a patient's issue.

Now, if only I could figure out how to bottle it!!!