Mobile Care Coordinator® Program

↑ One family’s story illustrates how our unique, high-touch population health program improves patient outcomes.

MCC is high-touch care management with a 4-to-1 ROI

First of its kind program offered to employers and union Health & Welfare Funds

← One family’s story illustrates how our unique, high-touch population health program improves patient outcomes.

Have you tried everything to engage your members or employees in managing their health and making good healthcare decisions?

Are you frustrated that the programs are not working — and neither are the people who are disabled by their preventable or manageable health conditions?

Guardian Nurses has created a unique program resulting in an unprecedented level of engagement from people who are struggling with a healthcare issue.

How the MCC® program works

Guardian Nurses assigns an experienced RN to be your MCC. The new vehicle that will make your care coordinator mobile is smartly wrapped and co-branded with your organization’s name and logo. Your nurse is on the road five days a week, visiting patients at home and in the hospital, accompanying them to physicians’ visits and making sure their discharge home is safe. She reviews data daily so that she can proactively reach out to patients and offer immediate assistance at their time of need.

Why other approaches fail

You likely have invested in multiple efforts to manage insurance costs by encouraging your members or employees to take better care of themselves and make better healthcare decisions. Such efforts often fail to engage those who need help most. The reasons are clear. People don’t trust the healthcare system; in fact, most find it confusing and intimidating. And no one is reaching out to them at their time of need to offer guidance and support in navigating the healthcare system successfully.

Why the MCC approach works

The onset or recurrence of a medical problem makes patients and their loved ones feel fearful and vulnerable. Suddenly they are open to accepting help from a nurse in ways they may not have been when they felt fine. If they have seen or heard how the MCC® is helping others, a foundation of trust already has been laid. When the nurse personally calls or visits the patient, she builds more trust with her knowledge and compassion. She is there to help when help is welcome. Timing is everything.

Currently, MCC programs are supporting 18 health plans in the Philadelphia area, New Jersey, New York, and Seattle, Washington.

Mobility improves outcomes

For your members or employees to get the care they need from the healthcare system, they must make a daunting number of informed decisions. Yet most consumers are woefully ill-equipped for this challenge. So it’s no wonder that health outcomes improve when patients have guidance from an RN at the times and places where important decisions must be made — in the office of a physician or specialist, in the hospital or rehab center. The MCC® is communicating with or accompanying patients at these critical times. When outcomes improve across your patient population year after year, your costs go down — a lot!

Backed by Guardian Nurses

Your Mobile Care Coordinator® is not just one RN. It is a program backed by the reputation, experience and resources of Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates. That RN, along with the full team of RNs backing her up, not only save you money, they save you countless headaches, hassles and bureaucratic nightmares by taking care of provider and insurance issues while they coordinate care for your members or employees and their families.

See what others are saying

MCC case studies demonstrate reduced medical costs and improved outcomes for patients.

Cost effective help with healthcare

Health & Welfare Funds can purchase blocks of hours based on their estimated needs over the coming year.

To learn more about the Mobile Care Coordinator® Program, email [email protected], call 888.836.0260, or fill out the form below and someone from Guardian Nurses will contact you.

MCC Program