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High-touch nurse advocacy program delivers 7-to-1 ROI, helps Teamsters beat diabetes

May 15, 2024

As many employers, health funds, unions and other organizations seek cost-effective ways to battle diabetes in their workforces, an independent study has shown diabetes management support provided by Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates has exceptional results for patients and a return on investment (ROI) between 4-to-1 and 7-to-1.


What Is the Return on Investment for Patient Advocacy and Care Management?

March/April 2024

The quality of the nurse-patient relationship is the key driver of high engagement between a patient and their health care encounter. Ways to increase nursing’s return on investment, such as high engagement, are explored through the success of a nurse-owned, nurse-run company.


Worker protection

February 26, 2024

Violence against nurses and other health-care professionals is endemic. If nothing is done soon to better protect the people caring for you or your loved ones, the staffing shortage crisis will only get worse. Please consider sending an email to your elected officials to express your support for protecting nurses and other health-care workers against violence.


Holiday health

December 20, 2023

The festive season may be merry, but beware — it also is a time when emergency room visits tend to spike. To get the best care during the holidays, remember that communication is key. Give nurses and doctors all the necessary information about medications, medical history, and what may have caused the illness or injury. Make sure you understand any discharge instructions before you leave. Ask questions and take notes.


Stroke survivor receives special donation of electric bed from community

November 15, 2023

Teacher’s aide Marshelle Jones suffered a stroke in March of 2023. It was the start of a long journey to recovery. Fortunately, she was introduced to the Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates.


Humanizing benefits: BenefitsPRO LUMINARIES 2023 Honorees

September 19, 2023

As the health care and benefits landscape changes and evolves, a growing number of benefits professionals and organizations are doing all they can to humanize the process.


And the 2023 NJBIZ Healthcare Heroes are …

May 12, 2023

This program was created to recognize excellence, promote innovation and honor the efforts of individuals and organizations making a significant impact on the quality of health care in New Jersey. Based off your submissions, and chosen by a panel of independent judges, the program recognizes individuals and organizations across 12 categories.


NURSES' NEXT CHAPTERS: Tired and frustrated, some Philadelphia nurses look for life and work outside hospitals

February 17, 2023

Hospital nurses and their widespread dissatisfaction at work have been center stage in health care since COVID-19 upended our lives three years ago. But even before the pandemic, low morale and burnout were common, according to a University of Pennsylvania researcher. The pandemic only made things worse, especially early on when some nurses had to use makeshift protective equipment and reuse masks. Nurses who kept their jobs also faced overwhelming numbers of patients, high death rates with no time to mourn, and the daily fear of contracting the virus.


There are ways to solve the nursing shortage | PennLive letters

February 12, 2023

Recent coverage of nursing shortage plaguing Pennsylvania has reinforced the critical need for nurses and the need to find and encourage passionate individuals to enter the field. As a nurse with years of experience, who has started a patient advocacy organization, here are a few strategies to consider.


Men in Nursing: Challenges, Solutions, Resources and Support

February 9, 2023

If you’re a male nurse or nursing student, you may face a number of unique challenges. Get an in-depth look at the common challenges, read key solutions, find resources and support services, and hear from a male who has been there and succeeded.


How Nurses Can Advocate Effectively for Safety

January 12, 2023

Your patients are counting on you to prioritize their safety. But you can’t ignore the importance of your own safety, either. Here’s what you need to know about how you can effectively advocate for a culture of safety for everyone.


Humanizing benefits: BenefitsPRO LUMINARIES 2022 Honorees

November 4, 2022

The BenefitsPRO LUMINARIES honorees are being recognized for the dynamic and inclusive ways they are driving the benefits and health care industries forward.


7 Ways to Improve Your Nurse Leadership Skills

November 1, 2022

All nurses are leaders in some capacity but having a solid set of nurse leadership skills is crucial for those wanting to take on official managerial roles either now or in the future. The additional responsibilities and challenges involved in management roles usually come with a substantial bump in salary. However, the desire to go from nurse to nursing leadership often stems from the desire to strengthen high-quality patient care, promote positive patient outcomes and create a positive work environment for patients and staff alike. Climbing the career ladder takes education, experience and fine-tuning skills that help make you better at leading others. If your career goal is to transition into management, read this advice from experienced nurses for ways to improve your nurse leadership skills.


Experience Helping Elderly Relatives Inspires Nurse to Become Nursing Entrepreneur and Healthcare Advocate

September 30, 2022

My Mother was the inspiration to become a nurse, but it was my experiences helping my elderly aunt and uncle navigate the healthcare system that inspired me to become a nursing entrepreneur. As I prepared to graduate from Temple University with a Bachelor of Arts degree, I was ready to embark on a career in sports journalism. However, what usually is an exciting time darkened as my Mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Only four months later, she died.


Betty Long of Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates On 5 Things You Need to Know To Successfully Scale Your Business

September 4, 2022

Startups usually start with a small cohort of close colleagues. But what happens when you add a bunch of new people into this close cohort? How do you maintain the company culture? In addition, what is needed to successfully scale a business to increase market share or to increase offerings? How can a small startup grow successfully to a midsize and then large company? To address these questions, we are talking to successful business leaders who can share stories and insights from their experiences about the “5 Things You Need To Know To Successfully Scale Your Business”. As a part of this series, we had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Betty Long.


How to talk to your doctors—and get them to actually listen

August 8, 2022

For every encounter with a health care provider who goes above and beyond, listening intently as we describe our aches and pains, there’s a dismissive doctor who suggests the issue is nothing to worry about—or worse, dismisses it altogether. Encounters like these are the reason why the term “medical gaslighting” has entered the vernacular. How do you make yourself heard when you’ve been silenced, ignored, or had your concerns diminished? Experts say it’s about learning how to speak so your doctor can really hear you—or finding someone who can do it on your behalf.


Guardian Nurses: Giving members the tools to face life-changing challenges

July 11, 2022

When you or a loved one is facing a medical emergency, navigating our complex healthcare system should be the least of your worries. That’s why Local 19 is pleased to partner with the Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates, an organization that provides members and their dependents free guidance on the next steps to getting the care you need.


Lighting the way for employees navigating complicated health systems

April 11, 2022

Employees who feel ill-equipped to navigate on their own benefit greatly from a nurse advocate who can ask the right questions, help them understand options, know their rights and, ultimately, get the care they deserve.


How To Make The Most Of Your Healthcare Dollars In 2022

December 30, 2021

If the era of consumerism has finally arrived in American healthcare, as recent surveys suggest, Americans may need to be ready to take charge of their healthcare finances. But that role may be unfamiliar to many, especially given that most Americans health insurance through an employer or the government. Enter patient advocates—professionals who help consumers with financial or clinical aspects of healthcare from inside organizations or as stand-alone practitioners. Sometimes, these advocates can help patients save huge amounts of money.


As the pandemic rages on, please take the time to thank a nurse

December 23, 2021

As we enter our second holiday season in the midst of the global pandemic, we may find ourselves settling even further into the proverbial “new norm,” a time of continued masking, frequent hand sanitizing, recommended social distancing and adjustments to the lifestyles to which we were accustomed just two short holiday seasons ago. What we may not realize, however, is that health care professionals — particularly our often-underappreciated nurses — have made even further pandemic-related sacrifices and lifestyle adjustments, which have recently led to burnout, job fatigue, early-career exits and overall shortages among nurses.