Case Studies

Our high-impact, high-touch population health program

MCC program has been improving outcomes for 8 years

Impact of Our Mobile Care Coordinator® Program
Our unique population health program has had a tremendous impact in its first 5 years. Patient outcomes are significantly improved and claims are significantly reduced for the self-insured unions and companies we serve.

The Mobile Care Coordinator was very supportive of my needs. She was knowledgeable, comforting, compassionate, and very sincere. She was able to get my husband, Bob, into see a ‘top doctor’ and then accompanied us to his first appointment. I was not on my “A” game, but the MCC sure was. She asked all the right questions and brought certain things to my attention. She continued to follow up with us through his treatment.

Althea Ford

Working with the Mobile Care Coordinator was one of the best experiences with a health care professional I’ve ever had. She educated me about the seriousness of getting my blood pressure under control. She got me in contact with a new PCP and got an appointment for the next day. In addition, she also showed up at my doctor’s appointment and sat in to make sure I was being advised and cared for properly and was there to explain anything I didn’t understand. What a great experience! I’ve continued to take my medication and my blood pressure is now under control.

Ed Dawson

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