Brokers partner with Guardian Nurses for uniquely valuable patient advocacy services and support

Your clients will appreciate our pricing structure 

We know your marketplace is very competitive, so you need to continue finding ways to distinguish your company from the competition.These days, patient advocacy is a sought-after component of the customer service mix. And providing outstanding customer service to your case’s employees after the sale is just as important as the signed BOR.

With Guardian Nurses as your trusted partner, your benefits service team gains a HIPAA-compliant ally providing uniquely valuable patient advocacy services that take your customer service to the next level.

Your clients and their employees gain a diverse team of experienced nurse advocates working on their side and by their side whenever they are struggling with a healthcare issue. After each referral, the nurse advocate’s expert support on clinical and insurance issues will reflect positively on you.

A broker and her client tell what makes our advocacy services unique. Hear from Colleen Davenport, Senior Vice President for Employee Benefits at Conner Strong & Buckelew, and her client, Helen Marshall, Executive Vice President for Human Resources at Campus Apartments.

Guardian Nurses will:

  • Provide outstanding service and superior outcomes. View testimonials to hear what our clients and patients say about their experience with us.
  • Offer a unique pricing structure that can be extended to any client in your book of business.
  • Accept referrals directly from you when you hear of a client whose employee needs help.
  • Provide quarterly utilization reports or requested ad hoc reports.
  • Maintain communication throughout the case, if requested, so you know what progress is being made.
  • Offer marketing support by attending and presenting at employee meetings.
  • Drive immediate cost reductions for self-funded plans as soon as nurse-guided patient interventions begin. For some clients, even one intervention makes a difference.
  • Design and deliver customized programs to address your client’s specific needs. These could include Lunch & Learn sessions, direct interventions, or group classes on topics such as disease management, smoking cessation or nutrition.

Brokers may inquire about offering our services by calling 888.836.0260 x100.