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In Memoriam

Mary Jane “MJ” Darbee, RN, BSN


We are deeply saddened by the death of our dear colleague MJ Darbee, who has died of cancer at 63. An honor guard of Guardian Nurses will attend her funeral and her colleagues will toast her memory with a shot of Espolon tequila, as she requested.

While MJ’s tenure at Guardian Nurses was not long, her impact on us will be. She joined our team in September 2019 after a 36-year career in hospital and home care in New Jersey and quickly established herself as a ‘go-to’ resource for our New Jersey nurses.

As one of four nurses on the Schools Health Insurance Fund (SHIF) Mobile Care Coordinator program, MJ was dedicated to helping patients who found themselves in the healthcare system because of a new diagnosis or a new symptom.

Her patients valued MJ as a caring, compassionate listener. Her GN colleagues and teammates valued her as a respectful, motivated professional who was always happy to help them. Everyone who knew her will miss her terribly.

Rest in peace, MJ.

Patient Advocacy

People who are sick or injured often feel ill-equipped to deal with the healthcare system. A Nurse Advocate becomes their expert guide and ally, making sure they understand their options and get the best care. Unions and employers can offer advocacy as a benefit. Individuals can engage us hourly.

Mobile Care Coordinator® Program

If you manage a self-funded health plan, you want to help members take care of themselves. Yet some face crisis after crisis due to preventable or manageable health conditions. Our Mobile Care Coordinator (MCC) Program breaks that cycle when a nurse literally shows up during a crisis and forms a bond of trust.


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