Many years ago, I lost my mother to cancer.  She was 61, I was 23.  In the early years after her death, Mother's Day was a cruel reminder of my life-altering loss, particularly as most of my friends went back to visit their moms and celebrate the day or I happened to find myself in a drug store looking at all of the Mother's Day greeting cards.  Even sports, my favorite outlet, failed me as the softball league I played in would always leave the schedule open on Mother's Day so there were no game conflicts with visiting mom. 

Sure, as time has passed, the loss has softened a bit.  Other friends have also lost their moms, and now, our dads though my dad lived to the ripe old age of 92.  And I've had other losses as well to remind me that people die, hearts break, and we recover.  Life goes on.  As does the memory of our moms.

In honor of all of the women in my life, my friends, my colleagues, and my family, I wish you a very, very Happy Mother's Day.  And to you, Mom, wish you were here!