The traditional holiday season is once again upon us.  Malls are jammed with shoppers, Santa look-a likes are everywhere, and thousands of ovens crank out home-made cookies, pies, and breads.  Meanwhile, in neighborhoods everywhere, menorahs and Christmas lights blaze into the night.   

We love the holidays because they tend to bring out the best in most people. Their generosity, their thoughtfulness, and their good cheer. (I said "most people" not everyone.) And more specifically, most of us have seniors in our lives whom we love and want to share the holidays with, but think, "What am I going to get Grandma THIS year?" Well, look no further—we're offering you some ideas for gift giving to the beloved seniors in your life.    

Gifts for Active Seniors Who Have Everything

  • Gift certificates for favorite restaurants
  • Gift certificates for grocery store  
  • Taxicab vouchers 
  • Fruit of the month
  • Frozen steaks, salmon or gourmet dinners
  • Gift certificates to the movies, theatres or museums
  • Subscription to magazines related to their interests
  • Gift certificate to their favorite hair salon
  • Housecleaning services

Gifts from the Heart—Gifts of Time  

  • Writing a personal history or memoir
  • Digital photo frame—loaded with photos of family and special moments  
  • Membership to zoo, museum or local science center and then you taking them some afternoon
  • Compile family recipes into a book
  • Storage boxes in bright colors
  • Door decorations
  • Personalized calendars with family photos and birth dates written in
  • Scrapbook
  • Pre-addressed and stamped birthday/anniversary cards
  • Poster of them with their grandchild/grandchildren to hang on their wall
  • Ipod or Mp3 player preloaded with their favorite music 

Gifts for Safety and Comfort   

  • An electric tea kettle with automatic shut-off
  • Medication compartment boxes, boxes with reminder alarms, alarm watches
  • Motion activated lights for lighting a path to bathroom or even for outdoor lighting 
  • Emergency response systems
  • Warm, soft blanket (polar fleece, micro plush blankets wash up nicely)
  • A "reacher"–always handy to have around. (styles with suction cups on the ends can grab most items)
  • Key finders–one extra for the purse

Gifts to Improve Memory and Cognitive Function

  • Crossword puzzle books (word searches, Sudoku)
  • Hand-held video games such a Solitaire
  • Jigsaw puzzles

 Whatever you decide to give your favorite senior (or seniors) this holiday, please enjoy your time together and memories shared with them during this holiday season.  Wishing you and your loved ones the best of health and happiness in the New Year.    

 Merry Christmas!!

Happy Hanukkah!!