What a difference 25 years makes! March 17th 2012

This week I hosted a reception for filmmaker Kathy Douglas, an RN producing a film about the roles of nurses.  The energy generated by the 25 nurses at the event was very positive and as Kathy spoke to the group about...

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Introducing: The Nurse Shark March 10th 2012

Imagine my surprise when I learned this week that there is such a creature called a Nurse Shark! 

This past week I attended a fundraiser for the Philadelphia Chapter of the ALS Foundation at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ.  Part...


A Week’s Worth of Health Care in Honduras January 29th 2012

A dear friend of Guardian Nurses, who also happens to be a family practice physician, ventured to Honduras last week on a medical mission.  Upon hearing her compelling stories of her week providing primary care to thousands of rural residents, I thought it would...

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“The liver is unremarkable” January 20th 2012

As I have made mention of in previous posts, I love language and words.  And the occasional humorous terminology as it is used without intending to be humorous, in healthcare. I guess only nurses like me find it funny.

Take for...

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Resolve This Year To Give Blood January 02nd 2012

Since 1970, January has been recognized as National Blood Donor Month.   

Here are some good-to-know facts about our country's blood supply from the American Red Cross:

  1. The demand for transfusions is growing faster than donations.
  2. Less than 38% of the US population is eligible...

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Angels Do Exist and Miracles Do Happen September 23rd 2011

I believe in angels and in miracles. Many of my colleagues at Guardian Nurses do, too. While it may not be every day that we are offered proof, when we do---we recognize them and celebrate them.

Like the patient...

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