Rest in Peace, Hank. August 05th 2013

Armed Forces Honor Guard Outside Funeral Home

Last night, I attended the viewing of a patient who passed away after a long struggle with cancer.  He was 88.  He was also a U.S. Marine and veteran of...


What Life Have YOU Imagined? August 31st 2013

I had lunch with a friend this past week and she was sharing with me about her vacation highlights, one of which was time she spent at the beach with her children, grandchildren and ex-husband. One of her comments, which...


Sexy Billboards? September 12th 2013

I was driving on the turnpike this past weekend as I headed to a union meeting for a labor client.  High up above the road looms a billboard which read, "The Power to Heal."  A few miles down the same...

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Happy Nurses’ Week 2012 May 06th 2012

And so we've come again to National Nurses' Week!  When all attention (at least at Guardian Nurses) is directed toward the amazing work done by nurses!!  Happy Nurses' Week to all of my nursing colleagues!  And thank you for all your...

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The Marketing of Healthcare December 08th 2011

I love words and language as much as the next gal.  Really.  I studied journalism in college and have always enjoyed writing.  Part of the reason I enjoy producing this blog.  So lately I've been thinking about all of the words and terms that...


Traveling With Medical Devices and Equipment September 01st 2011

It can sometimes be an obstacle course for so called “able-bodied” people to get themselves packed and out of the house, let alone through airport security.

Traveling with electronic medical devices, implanted medical equipment, even artificial hips and knees can be...

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Do You Have a “Hospital Fantasy?” October 21st 2011

Do you have a hospital fantasy?  No, not the one involving Dr. McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy.  The one where you want to be admitted to the hospital for a little rest and relaxation. 

I read a piece on the Huffington Post...

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Our healthcare system, a metaphor. September 28th 2011

Last night, while I was watching the Phillies vs. Braves game, my 17-year-old nephew called to ask for my help with an assignment for his English class.  He was supposed to write a poem and use a metaphor to describe...


Create Your Own Personal Health Record September 06th 2011

Let’s face it. The more doctors you see, the more medical files you have. And the more scattered your medical records are, the higher your risk of drug errors, missed diagnoses, and other potentially dangerous glitches. The solution? Keep a...

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Death is Not Failure April 13th 2012

 Somehow it seems appropriate a few days before April 15th to write that the two things absolutely certain in our lives are death and taxes.   

 And on April 16th, we recognize the 5th Annual National Healthcare Decisions...

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