I was driving on the turnpike this past weekend as I headed to a union meeting for a labor client.  High up above the road looms a billboard which read, "The Power to Heal."  A few miles down the same road, another billboard, this one reading, "Live Fearless."  Both were billboards advertising for healthcare businesses.  The first, a hospital.  The second, a health insurance company.

With miles to go, I got to thinking…"Really, the power to heal?"  That's impressive!  And worth every penny of your healthcare dollars!  If only it was as simple as going to the right hospital!

The health insurance company touting, "Live Fearless?"  What is that about?  A dear friend, who carries that insurance and who last year was treated for lymphoma, took great offense at this insurer's marketing campaign.  To quote her, "So, what, I live fearless and get lymphoma and what, you'll decide you're not going to cover my treatment!"  (It HAS happened, by the way, so this is not as far-fetched as you might think).

Health care marketing is filled with these non-meaningful words and phrases.  "Your Life is Worth Penn Medicine." "World Class Care. Right Here. Right Now."  How 'bout we focus less on the catchy phrases and more on the actual care we give to patients?

I know—because it's not that sexy…..too bad because I think unforgettable patient care is pretty darn sexy!