Parkinson’s Disease is Not a Death Sentence August 15th 2014

The tragic death of Robin Williams, an extraordinary comic and talented actor, was hard enough to grapple with as news came out that he was battling depression and addiction.  Then we learned through a statement released by his...

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Happy Birthday, Mom. October 09th 2014

Today is my mother’s birthday. She would have been 94 had she not died of cancer at age 61.  It would not be dramatic or untruthful of me to say that there’s not a day that goes by when I...

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A Life Well Lived November 16th 2014

This past week, my cousin Betty died after an exquisitely brief battle with cancer.  She was 77 and leaves her children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors and extended family members missing her.  Even her dog, Maisey, misses her.

At her funeral mass, the...


Too Fat to Fit Into This Seat? January 01st 2014


While visiting Universal Studios last month, I got quite a kick out of the 'warning signs' for The Rocket roller coaster.  If you can read the photo above, the sign says, "This attraction's...

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This Has Nothing to Do with Healthcare October 20th 2013

Yesterday, like plenty of other Saturdays in the last three years, I headed down to Lincoln Financial Field to watch the Temple University Owls football team.

Apparently, in May, soon after the Boston Marathon bombing, the NFL brain trust (aka the...

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When the Heart Takes Over for the Mind June 07th 2013

I was talking with a friend who recently lost her 85 y/o dad to cancer and she was sharing how his services were and how her mom, who herself is dealing with dementia, has been handling her husband's death.

At one...

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Do You Think It’s Too Soon? June 25th 2013

If you're breathing, chances are that at some point, you've experienced loss in your life.  That loss could have been a pet, a loved one, a partner or spouse, or heck, maybe even a car.  And with loss, comes grief,...

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Thanks for the Life Force. July 16th 2013

Tragedy happens every day.  It happens on an individual level.  Someone is diagnosed with a terminal cancer and has no insurance coverage.  It happens on a community level.  A family's home is burned to the ground and though there is...

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The Mustard Moment July 25th 2013

Two weeks ago, one of our patients died after a year-long battle with cholangiocarcinoma.  She was only 50 years old and left behind her husband of 25 years and her 2 teenage daughters.

Yesterday, I called her husband to check in...

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You’re Never Too Old to Donate Organs—-well, on second thought August 03rd 2013

My friend's grandmother, who within a few weeks will turn 100 years old!, is blessedly still 'sharp,' as we say.  Though physically frail and wheelchair bound, she maintains her ability to engage in spirited conversations with her granddaughter---sometimes to the...

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