I barely ever noticed scooters.  In the mall, in a hospital, in my neighborhood.  Not the youthful scooters that teenagers zip around on, but the big, motorized ‘vehicles’ used by so many disabled adults.  Last week, though, while I was walking along the boardwalk in Atlantic City, it seemed like there was one every 100 yards!

And now I seem them wherever I go!  Isn’t that they way?? In fact, an issue of Car and Driver magazine actually had an article comparing three of them for ‘performance’ and cost.  Just like a car.  Who knew?  But when you’re investing alot of money, it’s always good to do your homework.

Mobility scooters allow individuals to be mobile, to get out of their house, to head to the food store or the mall, or to roll down the boardwalk along the ocean and experience the sun and breeze.  All good news!

Just be careful when your scooter starts rolling toward the casino entrance…..remember, the house always wins.