The Mega Millions lottery jackpot, as of this writing, is valued at $1.6 BILLION dollars.  That is A-L-O-T of money any way you slice it even after Uncle Sam takes his share.

At a recent lunch, two friends and I were musing what we would do with “all that money.”  Carol, being the long-time bank risk manager, had more pragmatic plans while Patti, the successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, offered very solid plans which showed her previous thoughts on this whimsical conversation.  Both Carol and I promised to take Patti’s advice and ‘call an attorney and an accountant’ before you do anything else.

I told them—in line with my two passions—that I would “buy a hospital and a sports (baseball or football) stadium and rename them both Guardian Nurses’ Hospital and Guardian Nurses’ Field.  I can hear the TV announcer in my head as she says “Welcome, Sports Fans.  We’re broadcasting today from Guardian Nurses’ Field where it’s a beautiful day for baseball.”

As for the hospital, not sure we’ll be broadcasting from there any time soon.  But who knows…with reality television programming going strong, perhaps there might be an audience for “Live….from Guardian Nurses’ Hospital…tonight, watch as Nurse O’Brien renders post op care on a craniectomy patient.”

It’s fun to dream big!  And remember, “You can’t win if you don’t play!”

Buy that lottery ticket soon!