There’s nothing like going on vacation for 10 days to get a gal organized! Especially when it’s a trip, my first ever, to Ireland. Whenever I go on vacation, as I scurry to and fro, I wonder “Is this even worth all the running around?” And lately, with so much good activity going on at Guardian Nurses, I definitely have wondered that. But….I have an amazing team and they’ll do fine. Chances are they won’t even miss me!

I’m excited and anxious, but since my nephew and I are traveling with a group tour, a lot of the logistics will be taken care of so all we need to do is make sure we don’t lose ’em in the pubs! So many friends and family have been to Ireland and have shared such wonderfully positive stories about their trips, I look forward to creating my own memories. And maybe someday going back again—once I have a ‘lay of the land.’

I did remember to bring my health insurance ID, just in case. As a nurse, whenever I travel, I am always curious about health care in the state or country I’m visiting. When I was in England a few years back, I wandered into a hospital’s lobby, the one where Florence Nightingale started it all, and I talked with some of the nurses, and just observed. It was very interesting (to me).

So, stay tuned for a story or two from my travels to the Emerald Isle.