I have had plenty of hospital admissions of my own as well as friends and loved ones. Coming home and getting in your own bed is one of the best feelings in the world. So why was I surprised when last night, my 16 year old cat, Graycie, climbed out of her carrier, took three steps and laid down on the bedroom floor.  And that is where she stayed most of the night save for a trip to the litter box.

As a nurse, I knew that she must have been exhausted.  After all, she was in an Intensive Care Unit at a veterinary hospital and likely got no sleep.  Plus the unfamiliar sounds — including dogs barking!—must have completely stressed her out.  And don’t forget all the things the staff was doing to help her.  So, plopping on the bedroom floor was the easiest thing to do.

Despite being a nurse for 32 years, I had to remind myself that every patient, including the furry feline ones, need time to feel better after a hospital admission.  And that reviewing and understanding discharge instructions are very important.

Rest up, Graycie!  Get some sleep!