Don’t Quit Before You Start. January 23rd 2016

It's almost February.  New Year's Resolutions may be a distant memory. Research consistently proves that a small percentage of people who make resolutions actually achieve them---something like 10 to 12%--with most having abandoned them by the end of January.  Not exactly...

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Too Fat to Fit Into This Seat? January 01st 2014


While visiting Universal Studios last month, I got quite a kick out of the 'warning signs' for The Rocket roller coaster.  If you can read the photo above, the sign says, "This attraction's...

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Giving Thanks IS Good for Your Health November 27th 2011

Academic studies show that what we learned in kindergarten is really true: it's not things, but attitude that truly makes us happy.

People who describe themselves as feeling grateful to others in general tend to have higher vitality and more optimism,...


Tips for Enjoying Your Holidays December 18th 2011

Thanksgiving is here and gone.  The annual holiday season is in full swing.  Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, you name it—this is it. This time of year can be one of the best, but it can also be one of the most...


Can a Grateful Heart Enhance Your Health? February 18th 2012

Can a grateful heart enhance your health? A growing body of research says, "Yes." Gratitude, as a conscious practice, offers a whole host of health benefits.

Gratitude promotes physical and emotional well-being, improves one's ability to cope with stress and bolsters...


“The liver is unremarkable” January 20th 2012

As I have made mention of in previous posts, I love language and words.  And the occasional humorous terminology as it is used without intending to be humorous, in healthcare. I guess only nurses like me find it funny.

Take for...

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Resolve This Year To Give Blood January 02nd 2012

Since 1970, January has been recognized as National Blood Donor Month.   

Here are some good-to-know facts about our country's blood supply from the American Red Cross:

  1. The demand for transfusions is growing faster than donations.
  2. Less than 38% of the US population is eligible...

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