Like alot of folks at this time of year, I am taking some time to look back on 2012 and 'close the books,' as it were, on the year.  As Oprah once commented, 'every January 1st we get another shot at doing things right.'  And so here we go….the countdown to 2013 begins. 

I'd like to think that I got alot of things right this year, and that next year will bring even MORE things right.  But, having suffered a serious and unexpected personal loss in October, these last two months have been filled with second thoughts, missed opportunities, and plenty of emotion to go around!  Consequently it's been hard, sometimes, to focus on the task at hand, difficult to engage in frivolous chatter at holiday parties with people I've just met, or when I'm really feeling sad, to get myself dressed and take on the world. 

The holidays, while filled with hope, generosity, and good cheer for many, can also be difficult when you're just not feeling 'up' to it.  Our patients and their families certainly understand that as they struggle with their healthcare challenges and now, once again, I am reminded of it, too. 

Let's say goodbe to this year.  Let's pack it up neatly (or not) and set our sights on better days ahead!

Happy (and healthy) New Year to all.