At the end of each year, I like to reflect back on the memorable and occasionally, not-so-memorable moments and say a quiet prayer of thanks. This year, like many others before it, was a combination of heartache and joy.

Professionally, this year was a whirlwind of new clients, new team members, and new challenges. We saw some team members leave and saw a lot more arrive. We moved into a new building, “HQ” as we affectionately call it, that has enabled our team to gather and entertain (oh yeah, and work!) and grow closer together as friends and co-workers in a comfortable, home-like environment.

Personally, I said a tearful goodbye to my two beloved 18-year-old cats, Connor and Graycie and serendipitously welcomed into my life, Moet and Chandon, the ‘Champagne Kittens,’ another sister and brother pair who have brought joy and laughter. Apparently I was a ‘failed foster’, LOL. (I really did intend to foster them and send them into the world with another family.) I moved from Atlantic City to Brigantine to be closer to dear friends and to have more peace and quiet.

Looking ahead to 2020, as we launch our first west-coast MCC Program in the Emerald City, I am optimistic and excited about the possibilities and the challenges that lie ahead!

May your New Year be filled with optimism and challenges that make you feel alive! Not to mention good friends, maybe even some furry friends perhaps, and good health! Happy New Year!