Who around us hasn't had the experience where you thought, "Wow, I don't know why that just happened, but I'll chalk it up to serendipity."  OK, maybe exactly those thoughts, but close enough.

There are alot of other synonyms for serendipity—-luck, karma, fate, destiny.  Regardless of what you call it, it works!

Yesterday, a gorgeous sunny Saturday, I had an appointment that I was a little wishy-washy about going to, but in the end, I went.   I was registered and then seated randomly next to a middle-aged couple.  I said hello and made some small talk with them and eventually, we got to chatting. 

Turned out, the wife admitted that she had been diagnosed with endocarditis three years ago and since then, has been "getting the run around" from various healthcare providers and facilities.  She admitted she has not had the proper follow up care, including being on any medications.  Though she does not have private insurance, she is covered by the state's medical assistance plans.  Regardless of ability to pay, however, people deserve good care.  And no bureaucracy. I gently said "I may be able to help you" and her eyes got really big and said, "How??"

I explained to her what I did and offered to help get her "plugged in" to a primary healthcare provider who would then be able to refer her to an appropriate cardiologist.   She and her husband were both very grateful and commented that "how lucky is it that we sat next to you!"

No doubt there is more to this story, which I'm sure I'll find out, but I guess I know why I went to my appointment!