Great Day at the PA Conference for Women!

October 3rd, 2012 By: Betty Long

There I sat, amidst close to 6,000 women attendees at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women, listening to Arianna Huffington give her keynote presentation during lunch.   What a pleasant surprise it was to hear her remarks!  At times serious, then humorous, and back to serious again, I was impressed with her articulate, insightful comments about women taking care of themselves (including getting more sleep!) and about supporting other women and of course, how important this election is for all of us.

Then, later, I got to enjoy a breakout session led by author, screenwriter and playwright Delia Ephron.  Ms. Ephron has been a favorite of mine for many years so I was particularly excited to hear her comments.  Within the first two minutes, Ms. Ephron shared with us that this was her 'first time making a public appearance since her sister Nora died.'  The room grew quiet in recognition of her loss.  Soon, though, she had us laughing aloud as she relayed stories from her life and work and her new book, "The Lion is In."

As I returned to my emcee duties at the Health and Wellness Pavilion, I passed by scores of women whose positive energy and comments elevated my mood and it made me feel good to be part of the Conference.  Thanks to all of the organizers, the volunteers, the speakers, and especially the attendees of the 2012 Women's Conference for "making my day!"


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