I always get a kick out of checking out the vending machines in hospitals, corporate offices (including health insurance companies), fitness facilities, and even schools.  Amidst the 'culture of wellness' that so many employers and school districts want to create, there in the break room, or the kitchen, stands a massive vending machine full of unhealthy processed foods with loads of sugar, fat, and "empty carbs." Most of the products have absolutely no positive nutritional value.

I often wonder, "What would happen if this vending machine had fresh fruit, or nuts, or if, God forbid, the machine for drinks offered only water or real fruit drinks (not loaded with sugar)?"  What if in school vending macines we didn't offer potato chips, cookies, et al?  I'm not even talking about cafeterias—that's another blog!  The vending machine is a snapshot into the culture of its location.  Yes, vending machines make money, but at some point, a line has to be drawn between actions and words. 

If you really want to create a 'culture of health' or want to implement a wellness program, start small and easy. Change the contents of your vending machines. It's the healthiest decision you'll make.