It has been said that if you find a job that you love, you’ll never ‘work’ another day in your life.

Thankfully, I found Guardian Nurses.  OK, well I founded Guardian Nurses, but why split hairs?

I remember well the ‘early days’ of the company when I was supported by two of my nursing friends as I tried to establish relationships and gain clients.  And now, 15 years later, I am blessed with having the best nursing team on the planet, with long-time clients who believe in and contract for the services we offer, and with thousands of patients who entrust us with their journey through the ridiculously fragmented healthcare maze.

I am grateful for the highs and grateful for the lows, too.  I am grateful for the lessons I’ve learned; grateful, too, for all the support I’ve received from so many.  Building Guardian Nurses hasn’t always been easy, but it has never, ever been work. It has been a joy.

Best wishes to you for a very Happy Thanksgiving.