I don't mean to be brash or insensitive, but we are all going to die.  That's how life works.  So why not prepare for the inevitable?  I'm not talking about assisted suicide, euthanasia or anything like that.  I'm simply referring to "getting your affairs in order."  You know, if you're fortunate to have a life insurance policy, name a beneficiary or two.  Same thing when it comes to a retirement account.  It'd be ALOT easier on your loved ones if you've given some thought to naming recipients of your estate.  I'm not sure how you could have accounts without it, but I've seen it happen.  And in the midst of grieving for your death, you don't want to add to their heartache.

Same goes for planning your funeral.  Or at LEAST talking about how you would want it to go.  Believe me, it is alot easier on those who remain to plan services when they know "what you would have wanted." And though talking about your funeal is not the subject of "date night," it is a valuable conversation to have.  Many deaths are unexpected and again, in the midst of their pain and heartache, it takes some burden from your loved ones to know your wishes.  I still remember my dear Aunt Betty not only pre-paying and planning for her funeral, but when I went into her clothes closet after she died, she had also pinned a note to a lovely blue dress.  It read "For when I kick the bucket."  God bess Aunt Betty for her sense of humor AND for making it abundantly clear to me that she wanted to be buried in that dress.

While we may not all have an Aunt Betty in our family, I encourage you to at LEAST think about getting your affairs in order NOW. It is a wonderful last gift to your loved ones.