Have you ever noticed the ‘pose’ that alot of doctors, hospital administrators, and ok, alot of business people strike in photos?  You know—the one where the person is standing up, facing the camera with both arms crossed in front of them, and depending on how much confidence is being conveyed, a smile that says “I rock.”

Lately I have been seeing alot of those photos in magazines, newspapers, even on websites.  It made me wonder, “Who thinks this is a good pose?”

In nursing school, way back when, we were taught about how our ‘non-verbals’ could communicate just as clearly as our spoken words.  The aforementioned “I rock” pose, with arms folded in front, says “Do not approach me, I am ‘closed’ down.”  At least that’s what it says to me and to many of my nursing colleagues and friends whom I asked.  (So, not a scientific poll).

I understand that business people want to convey confidence, but having doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals pose in such a ‘closed off’ manner does not encourage conversation, does not encourage ‘give and take’ and does not suggest to patients “I welcome your questions and your feelings.”

Healthcare is a different ‘business’ and as such, let’s keep those photos warm and fuzzy!