Rebecca and I were in Seattle on Tuesday, October 1st. It was a full day! We had our first photoshoot for our Seattle team and afterward, went out for drinks and then dinner. It wasn’t until AFTER dinner that I realized that I had neglected to recognize Guardian Nurses’ 16th anniversary!!!

Sixteen years. It is NOT an understatement when I say, “Where did the time go?” I do remember October 1, 2003. That was the day that I signed the legal papers that created Guardian Nurses. I left the attorney’s office and immediately called my brother Steve to share the good news. It was ‘official.’ Guardian Nurses was born!

There have been a lot of friends, family, colleagues, clients, vendors, and patients who have contributed to our growth over these last 16 years. I am grateful to all of them for believing in me, in what I was trying to build, and for challenging me. Thank you.

Happy Anniversary to Guardian Nurses! And here’s to 16 more!