"You didn't bring breakfast," she said.

This past week, I had been invited to speak to a group of RNs at a local hospital during their staff meeting.  I arrived around 8:30AM for the 9AM meeting and was greeted by the nurse who had invited me.  Though I had brought 25 warm, soft pretzels with me for the meeting, I had not brought what could be considered breakfast. 

So, with a slight change of the agenda, off I went to the local Panera store to buy plenty of danish, scones, and coffee cake.  Upon my arrival back to the hospital, I pulled up again to the valet dropoff.  The young man smiled when he saw me again and asked, "Did you bring us breakfast?" I laughed and said, "Absolutely, help yourself" as I offered him a breakfast treat.   And with that he thanked me and said, "You know, it's all about the danish." 

As I walked away, I thought, "yep, it IS all about the danish."  Fellow presenters, take note. As for me? Next time, I will prepare accordingly.  The importance of communication is proven once again.