When I turned on my computer this morning, the image on my desktop was a gorgeous sunset amidst a sky with a few thin, wispy clouds and the blue gray waters of an ocean. The contrasting colors of the golden sky lit up by the setting sun atop the receding waves jetted my memory back to Sunset Beach, Florida — and to a different New Year’s Eve years ago.

Typically on New Year’s Eve, I set aside a few hours to think back on the year, to its more memorable moments, good or bad.  And I remind myself just how very grateful I am for all of it.  And, thanks to the technology called ‘texting,’ I send text messages to the people in my life who were part of those moments, wishing them a Healthy and Happy New Year and letting them know how grateful I am to them for their friendship.

And now I can stare of my desktop photo and remember the days spent on Sunset Beach and add to my gratitude list having a brother with a beach house!

Wishing you a very healthy and happy New Year!