Tomorrow is move-in day to our new HQ. After 16 years of helping and supporting patients and families through the healthcare maze, we get to move in to what we’ll call home. I can hardly believe it.

Though we settled on the building in late February, we have been doing renovations since and the time is here to ‘unveil’ the new windows, new carpet, new kitchen, new bathroom, new paint, new doors, new parking lot, and so on and so on….

I am grateful to so many, but especially Dan and Stosh, the two husbands who worked so diligently to create a beautiful building. Colleen, our resident nurse/gardener; Kate, our resident nurse/muralist; Joyce, our resident I.T. professional; Marguerite, our resident project manager; and all the friends and colleagues who sent their encouragement and support throughout. A special ‘shout out’ to my brother Tom, an attorney who guided me through the protracted negotiations with the seller. Thank you, Tom.

I still have a vision to own a stadium that carries the Guardian Nurses name on it, but I’m going to enjoy our new HQ for awhile!