The other day I was giving a presentation to a new client and his account management team.  Following my presentation describing our services, our success with clients and how new referrals would work as we begin our new partnership, I was surprised when the company's president interjected his summary to the room.

"We partnered with Betty and her team at Guardian Nurses because for them, it's personal.  Helping patients and families is what they do–formerly as staff nurses and now as nurse advocates.  We offer alot of services to our clients, gift cards, enrollment assistance, but honestly, it's all $#*&)@!.  What Guardian Nurses offers is the real stuff."

I was stunned by his unsolicited endorsement but flattered as he really seemed to "get" why I started Guardian Nurses and why we do what we do.   I was also proud of our team, of the work we have done and continue to do and grateful that we get to work with clients who realize our value.

Health care IS personal.  My team gets that.  We are nurses and for us, it's ALWAYS been about patients!  But sometimes it's awfully nice to hear it from our clients.