When I heard that the 19 y/o suspect had been apprehended and, because of his injuries, had been taken to the hospital, I thought, "Oh brother, God bless the hospital staff that will be treating and caring for him."  Amidst all the public sentiment surrounding the terrible tragedy at the Boston Marathon, and the ensuing manhunt on Friday, I can only imagine their feelings as police brought him to the hospital.   One of the same hospitals that had treated the wounded victims from the bomb explosions.

Nurses, doctors, techs, clerks, we're all human.  Many of the staff at BI/Deaconess may have known some of the victims of the bombing, maybe had known the MIT police officer who was shot and killed.  Who knows, they may live in Watertown, MA, the town where he was captured.  And yet, when the young man suspected of carrying out the atrocious violence arrived needing treatment, they needed to somehow put their feelings aside and treat him with no judgment.  And trust me, having cared for patients who were criminals—none who had carried out such heinous acts–it's hard, but they will do it.

They will do it because they are professionals who not only are licensed, but who have taken oaths to serve their patients to the best of their abilities (among other things).  But, still, they are human.  And likely they were watching the news throughout the week after the bombings.  So, today, as I go about my day, I will be thinking of the physicians and nurses, and all the ancillary staff who will be involved in caring for this young man.  It is not going to be easy.