Last week a good friend had bilateral knee replacements and chose to 'buy up' for her recovery by selecting the hospital's "Concierge Unit."  Many hospitals now offer such a unit, requiring patients to pay out of pocket per night in addition to their expected insurance payment.  In my friend's case, it was $40o each night. 

Upon admission on Wednesday, she reported to her nurse that her skin was very itchy and she had a notable rash on her back and legs.  The nurse got Benadryl ordered IV and by mouth, but also said she'd check on getting an ointment as well.  On Friday when I picked her up to transport her to the acute rehabilitation facility  for continuing physical therapy, she shared with me that she still had not gotten the ointment creme. 

I laughed out loud, not at her discomfort, but at the irony of paying an additional $1200 for care that sounds like it was just as good as the "regular floor."  So much for the concierge level of service!  You might get a daily newspaper, but if you can't even get a tube of anti-itch creme, what's the benefit?