I had the privilege of listening to Dr. Peter Buerhaus, Professor of Nursing at Vanderbilt University,  this morning as he presented information on his ongoing research about this country's nursing shortage.

For years, data has predicted not only a shortage of nurses entering the workforce but as baby boomer nurses plan (oh please, oh please) for retirement, an even greater need for nurses.  Dr. Buerhaus was pleased to report that data is now indicating that there are lots of young people entering the nursing profession (YAY!!).  Maybe we will be able to retire some day AND have nurses to care for us when we are in need.

One of his theories for the improvement was the Johnson & Johnson's nationwide Campaign for Nursing's Future and its positive portrayal of nursing as a profession.  As Dr. Buerhaus said, "the campaign has made an impact."  And he went on to remind us that year after year, poll after poll, consumers—regular, everyday people—identify nurses as the #1 most trusted and most admired professions.

Good news is meant to be shared.