Parkinson’s Disease is Not a Death Sentence August 15th 2014

The tragic death of Robin Williams, an extraordinary comic and talented actor, was hard enough to grapple with as news came out that he was battling depression and addiction.  Then we learned through a statement released by his...

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When the Heart Takes Over for the Mind June 07th 2013

I was talking with a friend who recently lost her 85 y/o dad to cancer and she was sharing how his services were and how her mom, who herself is dealing with dementia, has been handling her husband's death.

At one...

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Death is Not Failure April 13th 2012

 Somehow it seems appropriate a few days before April 15th to write that the two things absolutely certain in our lives are death and taxes.   

 And on April 16th, we recognize the 5th Annual National Healthcare Decisions...

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Even With A New Liver, Sometimes Patients Die April 05th 2012

For many people, organ transplantations are just something we occasionally read about in the news, if at all.  (Of course, a donor heart being given to a former vice president always makes the news.)  But for the team at Guardian Nurses,...


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Hershey December 28th 2011

This week, I was driving on the PA Turnpike en route to Hershey Medical Center where I was planning to visit a patient and her family.  During my trip, I checked in by phone (hands free, bluetooth!) with another client...

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