Guardian Nurses provides solutions for every union

Health & Welfare Funds can control healthcare costs while boosting attendance and improving care for members and dependents.

union_largeWhen members are unable to work for personal or family member health reasons, it strains the union’s resources. Productivity goes down, and each medical event presents the possibility that your healthcare costs will go up. You know that some health problems are going to be costly, no matter what. But did you know that many health costs are incurred because the patient didn’t get the right care from the right provider at the right time?

Guardian Nurses helps union Health & Welfare Funds as their HIPAA-compliant ally to contain healthcare costs, help members get the care they need and thereby boost members’ availability for work. Covered members and their dependents gain a compassionate nurse advocate to get them the quality care they deserve and support them through the resolution of their healthcare issue. There’s no better win-win.

Services we provide to covered members and dependents:

  • ADVOCATE FOR YOU during hospitalizations or nursing home stays.
  • FIND SPECIALISTS to evaluate a new or long-standing diagnosis.
  • MAKE APPOINTMENTS to get you seen quickly, and GO WITH YOU if needed.
  • DO THE RESEARCH so you have reliable information about treatment options.
  • EXPLAIN EVERYTHING so you can make the best possible decisions.
  • IDENTIFY PROVIDERS for elder care services and long-term care placements.
  • HELP GET THINGS YOU NEED, such as healthcare equipment and supplies.
  • RESOLVE PROBLEMS with billing, claims and insurance.
  • COACH YOU to better manage chronic health conditions.

In addition, with many of our Taft-Hartley clients, we offer our unique Mobile Care Coordinator (MCC) Program. The MCC we assign to your union is an experienced Registered Nurse backed by our team of nurse advocates. She is out on the road in a c0-branded vehicle, visiting members in the hospital to make sure they’re getting good care, visiting them at home after discharge from the hospital and going with them to doctor’s appointments to make sure their questions are answered. Click here to learn more about the Mobile Care Coordinator Program.

To inquire about nurse advocate services for your union Health & Welfare Fund, call 215.836.0260 x100 or email [email protected].

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