What we promise to patients and their families

You can count on your Nurse Advocate to:

  • BE YOUR GUIDE and advocate during hospitalizations or nursing home stays.
  • DO THE RESEARCH so you have reliable information about treatment options.
  • EXPLAIN EVERYTHING so you can make the best possible decisions.
  • MAKE APPOINTMENTS to get you seen quickly, and go with you if requested.
  • IDENTIFY PROVIDERS for elder services and long-term care placements.
  • GET THINGS YOU NEED such as healthcare equipment and supplies.
  • RESOLVE PROBLEMS with billing, claims and insurance.
  • COACH YOU to better manage chronic health conditions.

Nurse advocates do not:

  • Make decisions for you
  • Make a medical diagnosis
  • Determine fault or legal liability
  • Provide direct nursing care
  • Provide financial management services



  • We offer responsive individualized care

    When a medical crisis occurs, we step in to provide families and individuals with the medical care and support they need — not cookie-cutter solutions.

  • Do you need a healthcare advocate?

    You don’t until you or a loved one is ill or injured, and you enter the healthcare maze not knowing which way to turn. That’s when clients call our nurses “Guardian angels.”

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