Guardian Nurses provides guidance for every family

You gain a powerful clinical ally who provides the clarity, confidence and direction you need to get the best healthcare.

family photo As medicine becomes more advanced, patients interact with numerous healthcare providers, receive multiple drugs and treatments, and face more complicated insurance coverage. Even the savviest consumers can find themselves confused about their options and wondering whether they or their loved ones are receiving the best healthcare. In fact, we all have reason to wonder: Research shows that only slightly more than half of Americans actually get the appropriate care when they are sick.

Guardian Nurses ends the confusion and the wondering. Your nurse advocate works with you and for you, providing guidance and supporting you with compassion and integrity. Whether you face an unplanned surgery, hear an unexpected diagnosis or need help placing a loved one in long-term care, our experienced nurse advocates make sure you understand your options, receive the support you need, and get the best healthcare.

To inquire about help for yourself or a loved one, email [email protected] or call 215.836.0260.


  • We offer responsive individualized care

    When a medical crisis occurs, we step in to provide families and individuals with the medical care and support they need — not cookie-cutter solutions.

  • “How Guardian Nurses Helped Me”

    Patients and families speak candidly about the healthcare problems they faced and how Guardian Nurses helped them get what they needed from the healthcare system.

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