With a nurse advocate on call, employees get help with healthcare issues and stay focused at work

You care about your employees. You also care about keeping them focused while they are at work because it helps your bottom line.  When your employees or their loved ones are struggling with the healthcare system, it is hard for them to focus. You want to offer them support to help them overcome the problem, but you know there is a fine line between helping them and infringing on their privacy.

That's why employers hire Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates as their HIPAA-compliant advocacy vendor. With Guardian Nurses, employers like you can confidently offer employees a benefit that will give them support, guidance and compassion at their time of need — without you ‘knowing their business.’  Whether it’s an insurance issue or a more complicated clinical situation, one of our nurse advocates can get involved immediately to resolve the problem. Your employee can focus at work, so your bottom line is not negatively affected.

If the clinical situation warrants, a nurse advocate will accompany the patient to a physician visit, visit the patient in the hospital, or even stop in at the patient’s home. You can be confident that your employees will be getting a uniquely helpful service and will deeply appreciate the benefit you are providing.

To inquire about offering Guardian Nurses patient advocacy services to your employees, please call 215.836.0260, x100.

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