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Employers can control healthcare costs while boosting attendance and improving the healthcare experience for their employees.

When employees are absent for personal or family member health reasons, it strains your resources. Productivity goes down, and each medical event presents the possibility that your healthcare costs will go up. You know that some health problems are going to be costly, no matter what. But did you know that many health costs are incurred because the patient didn’t get the right care from the right provider at the right time?

businessesWith Guardian Nurses as your trusted partner, your company gains a HIPAA-compliant ally to boost employee attendance, contain costs, and support your employee at a difficult time. Your employees gain a compassionate nurse advocate who will support them through their healthcare issue and get them the quality care they need and deserve. There’s no better win-win.

Guardian Nurses will:

  • Provide outstanding service and superior outcomes. View testimonials to hear what our clients say about their experience with Guardian Nurses.
  • Drive immediate cost reductions for self-funded plans as soon as nurse-guided patient interventions begin. For some clients, even one intervention makes a difference.
  • Design and deliver customized programs to address your specific needs. This could include Lunch & Learn sessions, direct interventions, or group classes on topics such as disease management, smoking cessation or nutrition.
  • Partner with your health plan’s clinical resources to maximize employee engagement.
  • Review and analyze available claims data to suggest interventions.
  • Show a positive return on your investment. Clients have reported ROIs of up to 3:1, based directly on healthcare dollars saved.

To inquire about offering Guardian Nurses patient advocacy services to your employees, please call 215.836.0260, x100.

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