“Patient Centered Care? Absolutely! I’ll Get to That Right After My Meeting.” February 17th 2013

Through the years of healthcare innovation and reform, even going as far back as the 1990's, one of the favorite rallying cries of administrators is delivering and offering "patient centered care."  When I first heard the phrase, as a manager...

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What a Week! June 29th 2014

Last Tuesday, I went in to the hospital to have major abdominal surgery and today, Sunday, I am home comfortably watching the Phillies.  I have to admit, the old adage "time flies when you're having fun" was certainly true in this...

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Discharge Instructions? What are they? July 14th 2014

Three weeks ago today, I had surgery.  I was discharged from the hospital in four days and returned home with my discharge instructions as well as a few rogue instructions from various and sundry healthcare providers.

It was funny, really, when...

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Washing Your Hands Usually Requires a Sink December 19th 2014

Just yesterday, I accompanied a patient to a visit with an orthopedic surgeon at his stand-alone practice/office.  We waited to be seen and once we were put into an exam room, we waited some more.

While we were waiting, I noticed...

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Who’s Got Time to Wait in an ER? May 25th 2014

There are many and diverse reasons that adult patients seek emergent, life-saving services in an emergency room.  And there are symptoms that could be safely managed both by a primary care provider and 'physician extenders' at an urgent care...

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