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↑ As a benefit of her employment at Firstrust Bank, Tami had a nurse advocating for her during a three month, life-or-death ordeal.

Our nurses provide patients with a powerful clinical ally

Unions and employers can offer Guardian Nurses advocacy services as a benefit. Individuals can engage us hourly.

← As a benefit of her employment at Firstrust Bank, Tami had a nurse advocating for her during a three month, life-or-death ordeal.

In today’s healthcare system, patients interact with numerous providers, receive multiple drugs and treatments, and face complicated insurance coverage.

Even the savviest consumers can be confused about their options and wonder whether they or their loved one is receiving the right care. In fact, we all have reason to wonder: Research shows that only slightly more than half of Americans actually get the appropriate care when they are sick.

Guardian Nurses ends the confusion and the wondering. Our nurse advocates work with patients and for patients, providing guidance and support with compassion and integrity.

For individuals facing an unplanned surgery, hearing an unexpected diagnosis, needing to place a loved one in long-term care — or struggling with any other healthcare issue — our experienced nurse advocates make sure patients understand their options, receive the support they need, and get the best healthcare.

What we promise to patients and their families:

You can count on your Nurse Advocate to:

  • BE YOUR GUIDE, coach and advocate for any healthcare issue.
  • MAKE APPOINTMENTS so you can be seen as quickly as possible.
  • GO WITH YOU TO SEE DOCTORS, to ask questions and to get answers.
  • VISIT YOU IN THE HOSPITAL to make sure you’re getting good care.
  • IDENTIFY PROVIDERS for all care needs and second opinions.
  • ASSIST IN OBTAINING covered equipment and services.
  • PROVIDE DECISION SUPPORT when you consider treatment options.
  • EXPLAIN A NEW DIAGNOSIS to help you make informed decisions.
  • COACH AND SUPPORT YOU through the challenges of chronic disease.

Nurse advocates do not:

  • Make medical or financial decisions for you
  • Make a medical diagnosis
  • Determine fault or legal liability
  • Provide direct nursing care
  • Provide financial management services


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Advocacy services’ success stories demonstrate reduced medical costs and improved outcomes for patients.

Cost effective help with healthcare issues

Individuals may purchase the services of Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates on a private-pay basis.

Brokers and employers can partner with us

Partner with Guardian Nurses for uniquely valuable nurse advocacy services and support Your clients will appreciate.

To inquire about help for yourself or a loved one, email [email protected] or call 888.836.0260.