In their own words: What our clients say about the support they received from Guardian Nurses

We are fortunate to receive many, many statements of gratitude from the patients and families we help to get what they need from the healthcare system. Here are a few testimonials:

“I cannot begin to express my gratitude to you and your staff. Rebecca, Heidi, and Karen have done everything in their power to make my treatment as easy and as stress free as possible. Even though I’m a nurse, I always felt like the patient and in great care. The physician recommendations were amazing. I am very grateful for Guardian Nurses and will be encouraging others to utilize this benefit. Thank you so much for letting me focus on my well-being instead of scheduling, planning, researching providers, etc. I could not have done it without all of you.”
Jeri Heenan

“On a Saturday afternoon I received the devastating news that I had been diagnosed with an uncommon and aggressive form of breast cancer.  Thanks to Guardian Nurses, by Monday evening I had an appointment with one of the top breast surgeons in the country and understood enough about what I was facing to put things in a realistic perspective.  One of the most frightening things in facing a diagnosis like this is not knowing what to expect.  My Guardian Nurse not only facilitated the process of obtaining treatment, she also educated me about the disease and the process of treating it. By providing this combination of compassionate support and education, she helped me to face my situation and rationally make the best decisions at each point during my care.  Knowing she had my back throughout helped me to maintain a positive attitude and focus on “coming out smiling on the other side.”  A million thank yous!
— Trish Maloney

“Working with the Mobile Care Coordinator was one of the best experiences with a health care professional I’ve ever had. She educated me about the seriousness of getting my blood pressure under control. She got me in contact with a new PCP and got an appointment for the next day. In addition, she also showed up at my doctor’s appointment and sat in to make sure I was being advised and cared for properly and was there to explain anything I didn’t understand. What a great experience! I’ve continued to take my medication and my blood pressure is now under control.”
— Ed Dawson

“The Mobile Care Coordinator was very supportive of my needs. She was knowledgeable, comforting, compassionate, and very sincere. She was able to get my husband, Bob, into see a ‘top doctor’ and then accompanied us to his first appointment. I was not on my “A” game, but the MCC sure was. She asked all the right questions and brought certain things to my attention. She continued to follow up with us through his treatment.”
— Althea Ford

“Thank you for the absolutely outstanding service that you provided while my husband went through his very extensive health issues during his battle with cancer, as well as all of his set-backs. One bright spot during all that time was the fact that you were always there offering your nursing knowledge, helping and following up with any insurance issues that arose to see that he got the best treatment available, and more importantly your visits with him during his hospital stays. What started out as a professional relationship, ended up as a personal friendship. We can never thank you enough for all you did for us.”
— Marge Stieber

My first interaction was when my son, away at college, was diagnosed with parathyroid tumors. We did not know where to go to find a doctor or what we should be doing. Besides the stress of his illness, this just made things that much more difficult. We called the MCC and she jumped in feet first. She handled everything. From finding a surgeon, to doing a 3 way call to set us up in the hospital system and set the appointment. Then to top it off, I was asked if I wanted her to accompany us to the appointment, this way insuring that we understood everything. I am sure I would not have made it through the last year without her help.
— Karen Scullion

Guardian Nurses is in its 15th year of helping patients and families. If you or someone you love is struggling with a healthcare issue, we can help you, too. Email us at [email protected] or call 215.836.0260, option 3.

  • We offer responsive individualized care

    When a medical crisis occurs, we step in to provide families and individuals with the medical care and support they need — not cookie-cutter solutions.

  • Do you need a healthcare advocate?

    You don’t until you or a loved one is ill or injured, and you enter the healthcare maze not knowing which way to turn. That’s when clients call our nurses “Guardian angels.”

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