• We offer responsive individualized care

    When a medical crisis occurs, we step in to provide families and individuals with the medical care and support they need — not cookie-cutter solutions.

  • Our Mobile Care Coordinator® Program

    Guardian Nurses pioneered this unique program, which is driving superior patient care while holding down costs for employers and union health and welfare funds.

  • Experienced and professional staff genuinely cares

    Most staff members have 20+ years of nursing experience but medical know-how is just a start. It also takes empathy, compassion, genuine caring and a sense of humor to be a Guardian Nurse.

  • Monitoring medical cases controls costs

    Leaving medical decision-making and oversight to professional advocates streamlines patient management, lets business managers handle business, and ultimately contains costs.

  • Do you need a healthcare advocate?

    You don’t until you or a loved one is ill or injured, and you enter the healthcare maze not knowing which way to turn. That’s when clients call our nurses “Guardian angels.”

  • How Did Guardian Nurses Get Started?

    Betty Long saw how hard it is for ordinary people to deal with the healthcare system when she stepped in to help a hospitalized uncle and his wife.

  • Betty Long on TV’s ‘Dr. Oz Show’

    Guardian Nurses President/CEO Betty Long was interviewed by Dr. Mehmet Oz about "The Three Questions You Must Ask at Your Next Doctor's Visit" on The Dr. Oz Show.

  • Betty Long on TV’s ‘HealthSmart’

    Host Keira McGuire interviews Betty Long, RN, MHA, about "Five Tips to Make Your Doctor's Visit More Effective" on the WITF-TV show HealthSmart.

  • Betty Long on TV’s ‘Power Your Life’

    TV host Dr. Jo Anne White interviews Betty Long, Guardian Nurses President/CEO, about "Patient Advocacy in Healthcare" on the show Power Your Life, March 26, 2014.

  • “How Guardian Nurses Helped Me”

    Patients and families speak candidly about the healthcare problems they faced and how Guardian Nurses helped them get what they needed from the healthcare system.

  • “Why I Started Guardian Nurses”

    While assisting elderly family members, Betty Long saw the difficulty they had navigating the healthcare system. They needed a patient advocate.